Investor Loan Services, Inc. is a comprehensive real estate loan servicing company for Investors and developers holding real estate notes or contracts. Investor Loan Services, Inc. offers a complete relationship for Investors and their borrowers by providing payment collection, customer service, extensive Investor management reports, loan documentation and strict audit controls. Investor Loan Services, Inc. provides a range of services designed to maximize the Investors’ revenue and accommodate the Investors’ desired involvement with their customers.

Market Area

Headquartered in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, Investor Loan Services, Inc. currently services loans throughout South Texas and the surrounding areas. Investor Loan Services, Inc. will consider and explore servicing opportunities in any geographical area of the country.

Company and Management

Investor Loan Services, Inc. began operations in 1998 and is located in central Cameron County, in the city of San Benito, Texas. Then Company President, Michael Scaief, started the company after leaving First Valley Bank as a Senior Vice President in Management. As Michael expanded his focus on building a regional banking system in the Rio Grande Valley he made the decision to sell ILS to Nellie Woodward and LeAnn Hewitt in 2014. Nellie and LeAnn continue the commitment to the safety and soundness of their investor clients and their borrowers.