Available Reports

Below are samples of the five reports you might receive from Investor Loan Services, Inc. Click on the report image to view a larger sample in Adobe Reader.

The Delinquency Report

The Delinquency Report prints a listing of active loans that have delinquent payments sorted by the number of days delinquent. It also includes an aging report showing the exact number of days delinquent and includes all the necessary ratios to evaluate your portfolio.

Quarterly and Annual Report

The Quarterly and Annual Report details the reconciliation of all monies collected as they are applied to principal, interest, late fees and other fees.

Trial Balance Report

The Trial Balance Report provides an assortment of basic information describing the current status of all the loans in an Investor’s portfolio.

Borrower Ledger Card

The Borrower Ledger Card provides a complete profile of the Borrower relationship including all borrower transactions which have been processed during the current year.

Investor Disbursement Report

The Investor Disbursement Report is sent to the Investor after each disbursement. The report displays each individual payment received during the disbursement period and how it was applied. The amount calculated at the bottom of the report is the amount that was sent by ACH to the Investor’s account.