Loan servicing process is simple.

Loan servicing

Loan servicing  Process “It’s simple”

1.  Investors provide new loans to be serviced.

2.  Borrowers make their payments and receive correspondence, 1098’s and customer service as part of the services that we offer at Investor Loan services.

3.  Investor Loan Service provides streamlined cash flow and management reports to the Investor.

At the discretion of the Investor, Investor loan service ILS provides reporting to:

Internal Revenue Service for Loan servicing

Investor loan service will send a Form 1098 “Mortgage Interest Statement” to the IRS and each respective Borrower from whom was received at least $600 of mortgage interest in the preceding calendar year.

Financing Partners for Loan servicing

Investor loan servicing ILS can provide a valuable service as custodian of mortgage documents and provides ongoing audit, management and reporting functions to your financing partners, i.e. bank, as an independent third party servicer.

Attorney- Loan service

Bi-monthly past due reports are provided to each Investor detailing delinquent accounts to aid in the collection process.

Accountant- loan service

ILS provides each Investor with reports showing monies received from Borrowers, streamlining the accounting function and simplifying tax reconciliation.