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Reporting,Compliance and Audit Benefits of Using a Loan Service
September 14, 2011

Reporting, Compliance and Audit Benefits of Using a Loan Servicer
September 6, 2011

To address more specific needs of investors, a loan servicer can provide compliance assistance to ensure adherence to local, state, and federal laws and regulations. As a measure of the compliance assistance, some loan servicers offer complete IRS annual reporting of Form 1098 “Mortgage Interest Statement”. In the event of an audit, the loan servicing company can provide the borrower or investor a detailed audit trail.

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of using a loan servicer is the extensive professional reporting made available to the investor.  A loan servicer can provide an investor with a delinquency report, trial balance report, annual report, and investor remittance reports for investor controls. These reports can even be customized to suit the needs of the individual investor or loan parameters. An investor can also obtain reports detailing portfolio activity as well as on-demand accounting information. If there are financial partners involved, a loan servicer can ensure that reports are distributed to the partners.

To further discuss the benefits of a loan servicer, please contact Investor Loan Services. Investor Loan Services, Inc. is a comprehensive real estate loan servicing company for individuals, companies, Investors and developers holding real estate notes. Investor Loan Services offers a complete relationship for Investors and their borrowers by providing payment collection, customer service, extensive investor management reports and strict audit controls. Investor Loan Services, Inc. and the Investor design a customized servicing relationship to maximize revenue, streamline cash flow and efficiently manage the Investor/Borrower relationship.