The Benefits of Using a Loan Servicer
June 10, 2013

The Benefits of Using a Loan Servicer

Anyone who has serviced their own loans can attest to the stack of paperwork involved in simply originating and closing the note. The real work for the investor begins with the extensive processing required to maintain the loan or portfolio of notes.

Fortunately for investors, there are great benefits of utilizing a loan servicing company, such as Investor Loan Services, allowing them to focus on other investment opportunities and leave the loan servicing to a team that is dedicated solely to servicing the loan and managing the borrower relationship.

Loan servicers can provide off-site processing that reduces overhead for the investor. Customer service staff handles the payments and any communication with borrowers regarding their loan, while maintaining customer confidentiality and safeguarding their information. Investor Loan Services uses a proprietary loan servicing platform to manage account information. This ensures that payments are posted accurately and borrower correspondence is documented and responded to in a timely manner. The burden of assigning a loan, collection, and foreclosure can also be handled by the loan servicer. If arranged by the investor, tax and insurance escrow services can be provided as well.

To further discuss the benefits of a loan servicer, please contact Investor Loan Services. Investor Loan Services, Inc. is a comprehensive real estate loan servicing company for individuals, companies, Investors and developers holding real estate notes. Investor Loan Services offers a complete relationship for Investors and their borrowers by providing payment collection, customer service, extensive investor management reports and strict audit controls. Investor Loan Services, Inc. and the Investor design a customized servicing relationship to maximize revenue, streamline cash flow and efficiently manage the Investor/Borrower relationship.