Why Sell My Real Estate Note? TOP

Selling your Real Estate Note offers you several advantages:

  • You get immediate cash instead of monthly payments.
  • You may use that cash for whatever immediate needs you may have including other business ventures/opportunities, paying-off high interest rate obligations, or pursuing other investments.
  • Eliminate the risk, burden, and responsibility of holding the real estate note.
  • Eliminate collection hassles – you no longer have to worry about collecting monthly payments or servicing the note.
  • Relief from delinquency, bankruptcy and foreclosure issues.
  • You no longer have to worry about whether your investment is protected by adequate hazard insurance or that the taxes are being paid current.
  • You no longer have to worry about interest reporting and other regulatory requirements of servicing the note.

What Are the Risks of Keeping My Note? TOP

  • Late Payments
  • Missed Payments
  • Inflation
  • Unpaid Property Taxes
  • Loss of Hazard Insurance Coverage
  • Unexpected Liens Placed on the Property
  • Default Potential
  • Accounting Headaches
  • Bankruptcy Issues
  • Interrupted Cash Flow
  • IRS and other regulatory agency regulations

How Much is My Real Estate Note Worth? TOP

We pay you TOP dollar for your Note! Complete our Quick Quote form for an estimated value of your note. This will help you decide if selling your note makes sense. Each note will be carefully reviewed to determine the maximum value of the note. The value of the note is based on the down payment, interest rate, payment amount, and term as well as the buyer’s payment history. The type, condition, and value of the property are also factors taken into consideration.

What are my costs? TOP

  • You pay no points, fees or closing costs.

How Will the Sale of My Note Affect the Person(s) Paying Me? TOP

  • Remember, when you sell your note, nothing changes for your borrower except the location of payments. The monthly payment amount, interest rate, and other terms of the note remain unchanged. Your borrowers simply send their payments to our Servicer. In addition, they will receive all the benefits of a full-service loan servicing company.

What Types of Property Do You Purchase? TOP

  • We purchase real estate notes on virtually all types of property such as vacant land, single-family homes, multi-family homes, farmland, commercial, recreational, and land with mobile homes attached.

We buy/purchase:

  • First Position Mortgage Notes
  • Real Estate Mortgage Notes
  • Privately Held Mortgage Notes
  • Owner Financed Mortgage Notes
  • Seller Held Mortgage Notes
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Commercial Mortgage Notes
  • Single Mortgage Notes
  • Bulk Mortgage Notes
  • Mortgage Note Pools
  • Mortgage Note Portfolios

What don’t we purchase? TOP

  • Second Mortgages
  • Mobile Homes without land attached
  • Single Notes with balances under $5,000.00
  • Flips or Rehabs
  • Time Shares
  • We don’t do simultaneous closings.

What are the steps involved in the Transaction? TOP

  1. Once you provide us with the initial information on your note, we will analyze your information and get back to you promptly with a free, no obligation Quote.
  1. When you accept our preliminary Quote, we will work with you to obtain the necessary documents to complete our “Preliminary Review of Note Purchase.” These may be sent to us by fax, e-mail or regular mail.
  1. Upon completion of our review, we will submit an offer letter.
  1. Upon acceptance of the offer letter, we will execute a “Purchase Agreement.” We will work with you to complete a “Borrower Information Worksheet” for each note.
  1. After confirming the property value and clear title, we will arrange for the closing.
  1. When the closing agent has received the necessary documents from you, the pertinent documents have been recorded, and all closing instructions have been met, your funds can be disbursed to you. This is done in the form of a certified check or through ACH to the bank of your choice.

How long does this process take? TOP

Typically, the whole process through funding can be completed in 10 business days or less. Much depends on how quickly we receive what we need from you.

Can this be done through the mail? TOP

Yes, the sale of your note can be completed easily and confidentially through the mail or in person.