"My accountant referred me to Investor Loan Services. He explained how they could simplify the process and manage the collection of my notes to ensure that at the end of the year, all my accounting for these notes was in order; I wish I had done this a long time ago."


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Investor Loan Services is proud to announce that Auto Debit payment service is available to their customers.  The Auto Debit service is a major step in providing their customers with convenient options to make payments.

Customers who choose Auto Debit payments will have their monthly payment automatically withdrawn from their account on the same day of every month.   All that is required of customers is a one-time authorization form to set up the service for their accounts.  With Auto Debit in place, ?Investor loan service ILS is looking forward to an increase in the efficiency of its payment processing system.   Because payments are automatically withdrawn from customers’ bank account, Investor loan service ILS hopes to see a decrease in late payments, which is a benefit to both investors and customers.

The addition of Auto Debit services exemplifies the commitment of Investor Loan Services to improving the comprehensive experience for its customers and investors.   ILS is continually researching new technology and services that become available to offer loan servicing that meets the needs and demands of the loan servicing market.

Investor Loan Services, Inc. is a comprehensive real estate loan servicing company for investors and developers holding real estate notes. Investor Loan Services (ILS) offers a complete relationship for investors and their borrowers by providing payment collection, customer service, extensive investor management reports, loan documentation and strict audit controls.   ILS provides a range of services designed to maximize the investors’ revenue and accommodate the investors’ desired involvement with their customers.  For more information on Investor Loan Services please visit their website at www.investorloanservices.com or contact them at 1-877-399-1211.